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Dear Guests of Our Royal Website,

My dear mother-in-law spent much of her life tracing the genealogy of her family. She did not have the internet in those days, and made many trips to libraries and city offices throughout the country. If only she had this service, she would have easily found out she was a royal—a descendent not only from a passenger on the Mayflower, but renowned people who changed the world we live in. She was a direct descendant of King James V of Scotland, King James IV of Scotland, King James III of Scotland, King James II of Scotland, and King Christian I of Denmark & Norway.

As my family tree was traced, I found I was a direct descendant of King Edward I of England, King Edward II of England, King Edward III of England, Princess Isabella of France, King Henry III of England, Countess Joan of Pontheiu (France), King Malcom III of Scotland and Saint Margaret of Scotland, plus many more royals who changed the world.

An account of St. Margaret’s life was written by the monk Turgot at the request of her daughter Edith shortly after her death and she was canonized in 1250. The best-known miracle associated with St. Margaret was the preservation of her gospel book which had fallen into a river, and her shrine at Dunfermline was the scene of several miracles of healing.

When presenting my family tree, my children and sisters loved the beautiful parchment paper this gift is made of and the Italian leather books where this history will be housed for all eternity. It makes a unique gift that you and your family will love.

Warmest regards,

Heidi Allison, Publisher–All Things Cruise & President–CruiseCompete

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